Birth Doula FAQ

Top Questions for your Doula:

1- What training, education, and experience do you have? Through DONA training, I have read many books and attended many workshops on labor, birth and breastfeeding, and I continue to attend educational events in nutrition,  baby wearing, and fitness.

I attending my first birth in October 2012, after tending to the mom her full pregnancy.  As of March 2014, I have attended 41 births!

2- What is your philosophy of childbirth and supporting women and their partners through labor? I believe that women who feel safe and supported can surrender to the process to natural birth.

Women in labor may need many things at once, or nothing for a given time. My role as a doula is to anticipate those needs.

For the partner, they need to have their own experience. Time to sit with mom, eat, and absorb the wonder of the event. It is my job to make sure mom is fed, stays hydrated, and comfortable so her partner can enjoy their time together!

3- When do you try to join a woman in labor (early labor, later in labor, or when ever she feels she needs you)? Do you go to your home or the birthplace? All labors are different, and plans can change. I have met a mom and her partner at their home when she is in early labor to practice positions and prepare a peaceful home environment, then met them at the birth location when she is in active labor. I have also tending to a mom the full time she was in all stages of labor; starting at her house, continuing to the birth center and transferring with her to the hospital.

4- Will you meet with me before the birth to discuss my birth plans and the role that you will play in supporting me through labor? Will you visit me after my baby is born? My basic package includes one prenatal visit where we will discuss and make plans for labor and birth; and one postpartum visit where we will talk about your birth experience, I help with breastfeeding, and postpartum care. I am more than happy to meet with you as many times as needed, for any reason!

5- May I contact you with questions or concerns before or after birth? I hope moms will come to me with millions of questions. Birth is an important event, and mom should have lots of questions about her care. Going through childbirth is the most primal a woman will ever be, the team she has around her should make her safe and supported. I take the invitation to be apart of this intimate family event very seriously, and I hope that my moms will continue to contact me as baby grows!

6- Do you work with one or more backup doulas for times when you are unavailable? May I meet them? I have many backup doulas, I will provide her info so you may contact them and meet them. If she is needed in my absence, I will be responsible for her fee.

7- What is your fee? What services does it include? What are your refund policies? I charge $400 for first time moms and VBACs, $300 for moms with a previous vaginal birth. I ask for a $100 non refundable deposit and the remainder by your 38th week of pregnancy. If I am unable to attend your birth, due to a fast labor or weather, I will refund all but the deposit.

8- Will you provide references? Absolutely, moms are a great resource for each other! I have many testimonials on my Doula Match page.

Email me with any other questions you have,

Happy Birthing!


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