Letter from a Birth Center Mama

I can think of few jobs that offer the degree of love and satisifaction that I feel when I read this letter!!!

Dear NOVA midwives , Doulas and all student midwives!

I was just another pregnant client or patient to you as you deliver babies daily.

However to me NOVA is like a dream to me.

I came back home with my new family, depressed I couldn’t go out! It felt like Baby was on my boob 24 hrs ! I couldn’t get anything done, I still didn’t understand him! But I was eager to breastfeed.

Around the time I gave birth, 5 of my other friends gave birth too.

However NO one talked about their birth with happiness and eyes glowing… Instead they said epidural, C section, inducing …..won’t have kids anymore, last one, can’t take it etc etc etc.


When I talk about the birth of my son at NOVA , I talk as if I am talking about my wedding dress or my wedding !! My eyes glow and I smile every time I recall my experience! I say I would do it over and over again! All the women think I am WEIRD! And Blessed too!!!

All my friends kids are on formula. My baby is still being breastfed. I almost had lost my milk and the doctor said maybe it’s time to give formula. I was adamant to NOT give formula unless it was my last resort. I made sure I ate the right foods and pumped like crazy to the point where my breasts Blew up again. Then I realized its a mental thing. If you want to feed, you make the milk.

My baby wakes up smiling and sleeps smiling. he giggles , and such a peaceful baby. Healthy, chubby , reaching all his milestones !

Where as my friends children (boys too) are no where compared to Baby. I don’t say it because  I am his mum, I say this because all my friends say why your son is so happy and calm and etc etc… And I go back in my head and say the way he entered this world made a huge difference!

Baby loves people . My friends, you can’t hold their babies. It makes me sad. They are on strict schedules. Baby naturally fell into a routine without me being such a paranoid OCD mum. He sleeps when he wants and eats when he wants and believe it or not , on his own he somehow got an amazing schedule that suits us greatly.

I feel his birth had a huge part to do with his happiness apart from me taking care of myself.

As you all know my dad was dying and everyone was worried about how the baby would turn out emotionally.

All my friends are trying to lose weight, my weight has gone back to normal .

Intimacy for my friends is different . For me it’s better !

I’ve healed wonderfully.

I am back at the gym and yoga..

I will never forget the women who were part of his birth . You made giving birth as exciting as buying a wedding dress! And protected me and cared for me
whilst I was alone !

Baby never stops laughing !!! And giggling!!

PS. I almost thought I was pregnant again last week and my husband said, “Sweets this time I want you here beside me”.  I said, “NO. I am going
to Nova again !!!!!”

Happy new year to you all

With love,

Mama and Baby

*names were protected


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