Baby M Birth Story

Mama M called me at 11:00a to let me know they were headed to the hospital! Though her contractions were slow and steady, her OB wanter to check her out.
Unfortunately, she was only 1.5 cm dilated and the nurses sent her home.


Mama M beaded these moccasins by hand!!

At 5:00p, mama’s labor had picked up and they were going back to the hospital.

Now 4cm dilated and feeling intense contractions, she was in proper labor!!!

Mama was in good spirits, was able to talk and smile through contraction, so strong and positive.

At 7:00, the OB came in and started preparing Mama for a C-Section.

At 8:45, Grandma came back to tell me Baby Boy was 10lbs 1oz and 23in!!!! WOAH!!!

At 9:00 Mama, Daddy and Baby Boy were wheeled back in, radiating!!!

Everyone did so well!!!


This picture does not do these beautiful silver eyes justice!


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