Natural Birth Networks NOVA

Check out this great website that has everything you ever wanted to know about how to have the best birth experience for you and your baby!

The goal of Natural Birth Networks of Northern Virginia (NoVA) is threefold: to educate families on the benefits of natural birth and the ease with which it can fit into their modern lives, to connect NoVA parents with local mother-baby friendly providers and local businesses through a comprehensive business and provider directory, and to unite all natural birthing and parenting proponents in Northern VA through online forums and regular events in the community.


New contributing writer, Hanna Neas, was my Bradley Birth Coach and I highly recommend her!!!

Check out these great articles:



2 thoughts on “Natural Birth Networks NOVA

  1. Hey Cortney! Thank you for this article! I know you did it for Hannah (who is an awesome lady, by the way!) but I appreciate the shout out. If you ever need any help with anything, I will certainly help you out. In fact, lately I’ve been learning a lot about web design, affiliate programs, SEO, etc. and would be happy to share what I’ve learned with you.

    Many thanks!

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