Breastpumps FYI

What you didn’t know you didn’t know:

1- two words: Hospital. Grade. Hospital grade breast pumps are designed for frequent, daily pumping. However, they are especially recommended for use for special circumstances including when pumping:

  • For premature or sick infants
  • For twins or other multiples
  • To increase milk supply
  • To induce lactation

2- Locations and availability of hospital grade bumps can be difficult. So if you plan to pump and store your breastmilk, give yourself time.

3- Breastsheilds are not one size fits all; so many brands have many sizes to choose from.

  • A/B cups try a small, 21 mm
  • B/C cups try a medium, 24 mm
  • C/D cups try a large, 27 mm
  • D/DD cups try an extra large, 30 mm
  • bigger then DD try an XX large, 36 mm

BUT, sizes other then medium will probably have to be ordered online. Another instance where you need to give yourself time.

4- Medela brand is available for rent at Babies R Us. Seperate from the machine, they requre you to buy a kit and tubing. Again, the tubes will probably need to be ordered online…taking time.


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