Natural Induction

Human full term is 41 weeks and 1 day (288 days).

File:Prenatal development table.svg

But at 42 weeks a midwife will want you to birth at a hospital. All that planning down the drain, whats a mom to do…

Start natural induction!!!

Start by relaxing, meditating and talking to baby. Tell baby out loud, that you are prepared, ready and not afraid. Take a warm bath. Optional, sip a little wine. It might help put you in a relaxed state of mind.

More stuff you can do at home:

The three yin crossing. Located in the area above your ankle. This area is adjacent to or next to the bone that is on the inside part of your leg.

-15 minutes of nipple stimulation by mom, partner or a breast pump.
-suck your thumb, there is a pressure point on the roof of your mouth
-there is another pressure point 2-3 inches above the inside ankle bone
-eat your favorite spicy foods
-have intercourse!!! Semen contains the hormone prostaglandin and the contractions from an orgasm could kick start uterus contractions
-lots of walking, climb stairs, and crawl along the floor

Out of the house:
acupuncture (try Yaw-Yau Lee)

While getting closer to 42 weeks try:
-caster oil, it causes an upset stomach, which causes diarrhea, causing abdominal cramps and usually uterus contractions.
-herbs like evening primrose oil (orally and internally), and red raspberry tea

For your last resort before medical induction try the following ONLY  UNDER YOUR CARE PROVIDERS INSTRUCTIONS
1- cohash, black and blue
2- striping the membranes (you can see it in an opened egg, that mucus holding the sac to the egg)


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