Cloth Diapering 101

I got a cloth diaper tutorial with Hannah Neas of The Cloth Nook and got to see and feel many types of cloth diapers.

The less expensive diapers will require more time to assemble, the more expensive, the easier to use.

Don’t fully invest in one kind or brand. As your baby grows, one may work better than the others. So, experiment!


First, there are many styles of cloth diapers:

FLATS/PREFOLDS: your grandma will recognise these, but most are secured with Snappi Hooks not safety pins!




•Easy to launder and fast to dry

•Post diaper use as burp cloths or cleaning rags


•A cover is required

•Takes time to fold

•Pins and/or a Snappi can be hard to use

•Runny messes are harder to contain

FITTED: A fitted diaper is shaped a lot like a disposable. Fitted cloth diapers require no special folding because they wrap around baby just like a disposable diaper, the back wings attach in front, under the baby’s belly.


•Fitted and snug for a good fit on baby and under diaper covers

•Can be washed at high temperatures, separate from covers

•Easy to clean

•Can be very trim for day use or bulkier for nighttime use…your choice


•A cover is required to make the diaper function

•Can be hard to wash and may have smell problems if there are too many layers

POCKET: A waterproof shell is lined with super soft cloth and have pockets for the removable absorbent inserts.


•Does not requires a cover

•fastens with snaps or velcro

•Outer layer is waterproof

•Usually has elastic and legs and back area


•Requires and absorbent stuffer material to be placed in the pocket before each use

•One Sized are more money up front

ALL-IN-ONE: All in one diapers have an inner absorbent layer attached to an outer waterproof layer with adjustable closures (either Velcro® or snaps). All-in-one diapers are just like disposable diapers except you wash them!


• Functions like a disposable

• No separate soaker or doubler required

• Easy to use

• No separate cover required

• Preferred by childcare givers


• More money up front

• Longer drying times

• Harder to clean effectively

• Will “break down” faster than a diaper with a separate cover/insert

Second, washing is important:

Get a Wet Bag to place the soiled diapers in till laundry day.

For pocket diapers, remove the filler and place all parts in the wet bag. For poopoo diapers, deposit feces in toilet and dunk or rinse. Then place in wet bag.

  1. A warm soak/rinse
  2. A HOT long wash
  3. Dry on medium heat

Do not use fabric softeners

Drying in the sun is best for stains and odder, if you are able!

DETERGENTS: Some laundry soaps will leave residue behind (a scent or softener, which is fine for clothes) that will decrease the absorbance of the diaper. Look for detergents that are free of phosphates and fragrances. Two great companies are DeeTergent and Rockin Green.




Green Mountain Diapers

The Cloth Nook

The Diaper Jungle

Why We Love Green



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