About Me

~ About Me ~

When I was 10, my first cousin was born. I stayed with my aunt all summer and had the best time playing mommy and tending to the new member of my family. During the next four years, I had two more cousins, and I loved watching my aunts bellies gets bigger and feeling tiny babies move.

I have always been fascinated by pregnancy, and have a Bachelors degree in Human Development: Conception through Adolescence.

I work at NOVA Natural Birth Center during the day, where I also help with births as a Midwife Assistant. As a doula, I tend to moms having home, birth center, and hospital births.

I am so fortunate to live my passion and have this career of helping strong moms bring beautiful new humans into the world.



Timeline of Workshops and Certifications

August 2012 – DONA Doula Training Workshop

October 2012 – Attended my first birth

November 2012 – Started working at NOVA Birth Center

April 2013 – completed Neonatal Resuscitation Certification

June 2013 – completed Basic Life Saving Certification

September 2013 – Robozo Workshop with Gena Kirby

September 2013 – Bloodborne Pathogens Training

November 2013 – Nutrition in Pregnancy Workshop with Camille Freeman

February 2014 – First time catching a baby

March 2014 – First time cutting an umbilical cord



One thought on “About Me

  1. I agree…having the joy of growing four babies–two at once, and birthing them was the best joy of my life–as was nursing them all for over 7 years!

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